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Decreasing the intensity and frequency of Non-Compliant Behavior

For many years, school discipline has been ranked by both educators and parents as one of the leading problems in our schools. When we look specifically at the data around discipline, we find that non compliance and disrespect, are the two most common issues that teachers express the greatest frustration with on a day to day basis.

Teachers often struggle to maintain classroom order when students are disruptive or noncompliant. These students are often time easily agitated and thus seemingly innocuous events like asking questions, making requests, giving directions, and especially delivering consequences for inappropriate or non compliant behavior serve as triggers. Once triggered subsequent explosive behavior is difficult to curtail and can lead to even more serious behavior issues or classroom disruptions.

In this classroom management strategies and plans module teachers will learn the necessary tools to:

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By: Renae Azziz Ed.S., NCSP

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Classroom Management Strategies and Plans