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Indianapolis, Indiana (June 21, 2012)

Virtuoso Education Consulting to provide professional development to for Chicago Public Schools

Indianapolis – Virtuoso Education Consulting, which provides professional development services nationwide to school districts, has announced that it will partner with Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Wireless Generation Inc. in a contract with Chicago Public Schools.

Virtuoso will train teachers in Kindergarten through second grade in the Chicago Public Schools to evaluate and monitor students’ reading and math skills using the mCLASS® assessment system. Information from these assessments will help teachers adjust their instructional strategies based on student performance results.

“This represents our strategy to align with other firms to provide our professional development services to school districts,” said Renae Azziz Ed.S., NCSP, who is CEO at Virtuoso Education Consulting. “We have a strong relationship with Wireless Generation and are excited about the opportunity to make a difference with teachers and students in Chicago Public Schools.”

Wireless Generation develops innovative assessment tools, data solutions and learning software. As part of its relationship with Wireless Generation, Virtuoso Education Consulting conducts training sessions for teachers regarding the implementation of Wireless Generation products.

Earlier this year, Virtuoso Education Consulting partnered with Scholastic Achievement Partners to conduct school site visits to evaluate strengths and areas of needs in order to inform school improvement planning.

“This is an exciting time for Virtuoso, and we believe there is potential for significant growth because of the favorable reputation we have cultivated with our partners and the school districts that we serve.”

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 Renae Azziz Ed.S., NCSP is CEO at Virtuoso Education Consulting LLC, a professional development firm that empowers educators on best practice in the K-12 market. Her team helps educators meet AYP goals and resolve disproportionality issues.  She is author of many best-selling professional development products. Visit www.virtuosoed.com or contact us at ed(at)virtuosoed.com or razziz(at)virtuosoed.com .

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