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Virtuoso Education Consulting Announces Partnership with EvalSolutions to Provide Data Analysis for the Indiana Department of Education

Indianapolis, Indiana (8/1/12)

Virtuoso Education Consulting recently partnered with EvalSolutions to provide analysis of Career and Technical Education (CTE) data for the Indiana Department of Education. As part of the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement Act of 2006, Indiana has developed a five-year plan (FY2009-2013) to fulfill the Act’s requirements. Such firms as EvalSolutions and Virtuoso Education Consulting have been key assets in reviews, evaluations, and recommendations to improve the education experience for students.  Virtuoso Education Consulting will be one of EvalSolutions’ two partners in the one-year contract for the CTE analysis project.

The evaluation team, comprised of the Indiana Department of Education and the Indiana Department of Administration, reviewed proposals from five vendors and evaluated them based on the following criteria: adherence to requirements, management assessment/quality, pricing proposal, Indiana economic impact and Buy Indiana commitment. “We look forward to working with EvalSolutions and hope to help further the goals of the CTE program which will, in turn, better prepare young people for their futures in our technologically driven world,” explains Renae Azziz, CEO of Virtuoso Education Consulting.

The evaluation team found the winning proposal offered excellent experience working in individual school districts and training end users. The team was also impressed with the group’s methodology model and knowledge of the goals of the project and procedures.  The proposal also met costs well within the pricing structure required by the state. At the State’s discretion, EvalSolutions and Virtuoso Education Consulting can potentially be awarded two, one-year renewals (for a total of three years) to continue services.

In this age of accountability in education, Virtuoso Education Consulting works frequently with clients on collecting, analyzing, and making decisions with data in efforts to improve student outcomes. The company provides expertise in training educators in various roles (from district level leadership to classroom teachers to support personnel) and follow-up coaching and implementation assistance. EvalSolutions, Inc. provides evaluation consultation for state, regional, and local education agencies. Current and past clients include state departments of education, regional education cooperatives and service centers, private foundations, as well as individual school districts with federal or state grant awards.  

About the Company:

 Renae Azziz Ed.S., NCSP is CEO at Virtuoso Education Consulting LLC, a professional development firm that empowers educators on best practice in the K-12 market. Her team helps educators meet AYP goals and resolve disproportionality issues.  She is author of many best-selling professional development products. Visit www.virtuosoed.com or contact us at ed(at)virtuosoed.com or razziz@virtuosoed.com .

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