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Virtuoso Education Consulting  to Help Reverse Disturbing Trend in Ft. Wayne Community School District

Ft. Wayne, Indiana (9/1/12)

In response to being identified as one of the top ten public school districts in the nation with a disproportionate amount of suspensions and expulsions for African American students, Ft. Wayne Community Schools has enlisted the professional expertise of Virtuoso Education Consulting to reverse the trend. The company previously helped Metropolitan School District (MSD) Perry Township of Indianapolis tackle a similar disproportionality issue. After only two years,  MSD Perry was the first urban school district in Indiana to be released from federally mandated financial sanctions.

Virtuoso CEO Renae Azziz expects to achieve effective and positive results with Ft. Wayne Community Schools as her team provides training for nine elementary schools on culturally responsive positive behavior supports. The team will also train middle and high school disciplinarians on the use of conflict mediation as an alternative to suspension.


“According to a New York Law School Law Review article ‘African American Disproportionality in School Discipline,’ over-exposure to such exclusionary disciplines as school suspension or expulsion places racially and ethnically diverse students at increased risk for a range of negative outcomes, explains Azziz. “Further, a 2010 professional research summary from Duke University suggests that school systems that incorporate positive, consistent, collaboratively regulated, and culturally sensitive school-wide practices are much more likely to have lower rates of suspension than schools without such practices.” She continues, “With such supportive research and successful evidence from our team, we expect to see a significant turnaround in the statistics now stumbling Ft. Wayne Community Schools.”

About the Company:

 Renae Azziz Ed.S., NCSP is CEO at Virtuoso Education Consulting LLC, a professional development firm that empowers educators on best practice in the K-12 market. Her team helps educators meet AYP goals and resolve disproportionality issues.  She is author of many best-selling professional development products. Visit www.virtuosoed.com or contact us at ed(at)virtuosoed.com or razziz@virtuosoed.com .

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