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Virtuoso Education Consulting customizes its services to meet the unique needs of individual districts and schools. We are able to customize our trainings by first working with a district or individual school to determine strengths and identify needs as indicated by school wide and student level data. Together, we determine the best plan of action to ensure you get solutions and see results.

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What is Culturally Responsive Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (CR-PBIS)

Culturally Responsive Positive Behavioral Supports and Interventions (CR-PBIS) is a framework that ensures that the implementation of  the essential components of PBIS adequately address issues of equity in disciplinary practices.  Traditional attempts to create more positive school climates have focused on defining, explicitly teaching, and acknowledging school wide expectations for behavior.  Research on schools implementing this approach has demonstrated its effectiveness at creating more positive school climates and reducing overall disciplinary infractions.  However, national discipline trends indicate that the implementation of PBIS has done little to effect disciplinary gaps.  National data on discipline outcomes in schools  indicates that students of color  and students who are economically disadvantaged continue to be more likely to to receive  disciplinary infractions.  

Implementing CR-PBIS  on a School-Wide Level

Implementation of PBIS replies of the use of researched based principles of behavioral change to  achieve goals for improved school climate.  For example, on a school wide level,  a school may desire to reduce the number of students who  engage in disrespectful behavior towards adults.  There be many approaches that a school may take to achieve this goal. Many spend time communicating expectations of respect to students throughout the year and providing incentives to students who engage in respectful behavior.  Both are necessary steps towards effecting change in the frequency in which student engage in this undesired behavior. CR-PBIS  takes  these concepts to the next  level. Frequently, in their attempts to implement PBIS most school systems:

With our cPositively  process we help districts to:

Develop Awareness, Knowledge, and Skills regarding ways in which culture impacts student behavior.

Systemically collect disaggregated discipline data  to be used for decision making.

Develop school-wide expectations that are culturally meaningful for all students.

Set specific behavioral expectations that explicitly define rules across all school settings.

Create culturally connected lesson plans to teaching behavioral expectations throughout the school year. 

Establish Adult Responsibilities related to school wide expectations.

Implement  comprehensive acknowledgment systems focused on recognizing  students for adherence to school wide expectations.

Outline a Flowchart of teacher managed and office managed behaviors that support consistent responses to student behavioral errors.

Implement culturally response interventions for students with chronic behavior difficulties with a specific focus on understanding the function of the student’s behavior errors.

We work with districts to accomplish these tasks and develop objective and measurable action plans for improvement. Contact us for more information

Understanding differences

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